2023 Dec 04 ( 1 minute )

I guess it’s time.

Enshitification is rampant and becoming unbearable.
The current adblocker war that Youtube is waging is the last straw.

Time to get rid of all those platforms that are suppose to help us. You know them all, and usually referenced in the US as “Big Tech” or GAFAM elsewhere (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft).

Not just because they are the “Big Tech” and therefore “evil incarnated on earth” (which is simplistic view at best), but because a different web is possible and alternatives are there as well.

And this actually goes beyond the GAFAM themselves: basically any platforms (for example: Reddit)

For this, I’ll try to use the following principles:

  • priviledge standards & protocols over platforms
  • self-hosting as much as possible but don’t be afraid of using others servers/services
  • participate, if time allows, to projects helping those principles
  • use opensource tools

With a first step as listing usage of each platform and its equivalent once ungoogled.
And of course, documenting it.