It's been too long: 2018 reboot

calendar_today 2018 Mar 25

Oh hello again my old friend: the nemoworld site!

It’s been far too long since I talked to you. And maybe it’s time to do this differently.

Pretty much close to two years now since the last post, with at least 3 main reasons:

  • lots of time devoted to current job
  • lack of a simple flow to push the content
  • “industrial” social networks (e.g. facebook, …) are “sucking” everything (more to come on that)

So, for the first point, well, it’s more basically finding a good balance of time.

For the second point, I ended up putting the git repository carrying the site content under an AWS CodeBuild and CodePiline, so that each time a new commit reaches the master branch, the site is regenerated and pushed. I’ll need to publish about that later on.

As for the last point, let’s be honest: facebook and alike are sucking everything around them, but this is changing.

So, dear nemoworld site, I’ll keep tab on you.

Signed: Nemo.