Back to the basics

2010 Jun 28 ( 1 minute )

In a previous post I was talking of this great course provided by MIT on electromagnetism with Walter Lewin as the teacher.

After searching among books about astrophysics, I finally found one that could bring me to finally grasp the mathematical/physical meaning of the last theories out there: “The Road To Reality - A complete guide to the laws of the universe” by Roger Penrose.

This book takes the bet to explain you the laws of the universe even if you are allergic to math equations. Liking maths and wanting to know more it’s the perfect match. My goal is to read a bit each time I’m in the train and reach the last pages obviously (which contain exotic theories such as the M or the holographic one…).

First chapter: the roots of science. After all this is the first step. What are the law governing our universe. What is the goal of science. What kind of truth is there.