2010 TODO List

2010 Jan 01 ( 2 minutes )

Happy New Year everybody. I hope new year eve was good for you.

Now it’s time to draw the plan for 2010 or at least to know what needs to be done.

Lots to do in opensource projects:

  • embryosys
    • Change the website
    • Need a working prototype (a kind of 0.0.1)
    • Use CouchDB as storage (see graph view project)
  • similar
    • Make it as a library used by embryosys
    • Trying to reach the point where active processes are managed (0.0.1)
  • babbler
    • rewrite as a webservice
    • RESTful - offer topic files
  • linux aviation howto
    • rewrite/update partially the doc
    • HTML5? DocBook+XSLT?
    • Need advice from TLDP

Then a couple of web projects:

  • open-aero.info
    • decide what to do with: keep it or loose it
    • if keep it, then use rails or couchapp
    • populate/crossref with the howto
  • this blog
    • get out of wordpress and use a custom couchapp or sofa
    • mix different types of contents and not necessary just posts with a date
    • reuse a notion similar to a portlet with documents in couchdb
    • oh and need a script to migrate the current posts
  • social network experiment
    • want to create a small prototype that would give back control to people
    • start with just one notion: a status
    • TBD about language/platform

Then I need also to take care of a few contents at home like:

  • Photos (numeric)
    • find all pictures with picassa or other tools
    • backup!
    • duplexing to another server
    • set up a nice file server
  • Photos (paper)
    • long work to scan them and date/label them
    • TIFF format? TBD
    • storage solution, see numeric photos
  • Music/Video - something similar
    • catalog as much as possible
    • rip all the CDs to the best quality (TBD lossless or not)
    • scan the jacket ? - rip DVDs too
  • Backup
    • Need to have a good backup solution for short and long term

Then since I’m a proud owner of an old house (built circa 1925), I have obviously a bunch of home repairs, updates and stuff like that …

Ah I was about to forget also to learn how to play recorder :)

Well, I guess 2010 just begun and the list is already filled ;)

In the meantime Happy New Year again / Bonne Annee !