Electromagnetism to begin with

2009 Feb 28 ( 1 minute )

I have been following an excellent course on my iPod in the train about Electromagnetism. The courseware published by MIT is performed by the brilliant Walter Lewin during 36 memorable lectures.

I’m still finishing following course #29 but since course #22 I can be happy to master and understand Maxwell’s Equations:

Maxwell Equations

It was a great pleasure to follow that course. Mr Lewin structures each course the same way:

  1. Present one or two new concepts
  2. Explore the consequences and possible mathematical/physical paths to follow
  3. Demonstrate it with one or several experiences

It’s a lot of fun and you learn quickly to integrate complex notions with some work on the side (other than just watching the video in the train…)

Here is the lecture #22 which concludes the first part:

MIT offers lots of very interesting free courseware, and I encourage you to look at the full list.

Next one: Quantum Mecanic by Leonard Susking from the Stanford University (also on iTunesU !).