Parrot and ADT'81

2007 Aug 27 ( 1 minute )

I have recently listened a very good interview of Randal Schwartz which is a brilliant figure of the Perl world (Interview: FLOSS weekly 9 with Leo Laporte and Chris DiBona / 2006-07-15 .. so a year ago) in which he was explaining in details the status of Perl and in particular of the project Parrot.

Parrot is a virtual machine designed to welcome any languages as long as they are implemented using the Parrot language (PIR and PASM).

I always wanted to create a virtual machine to provide the language ADT’81 (designed by Francois Bouillé in the 80’s). Parrot seems to offer the perfect platform to achieve this goal.

ADT’81 is a language getting a bit old of course (looking close to Pascal and Simula) but providing a large number of features very interesting for any simulation programs.

Update (2008/08/29): I have now abandonned that solution to implement Embryo Systems using Java, JCR and Groovy (see