2007 Jul 30 ( 3 minutes )

I have seen the famous new movie from Michael Moore “SiCKO” and I’m just feeling outraged ! This movie confirms what my wife and I experienced when she got a surgical operation which would require in any CIVILISED countries (such as UK, France or Canada and much more) few days of rest at hospital but instead got kicked out after 1 night after the surgery !!! I still remember that day and how furious I was and also how bad were the nurses in this hospital : just talking each other and ignoring patients to take care.

It’s also remember me how much money I paid to heal a pink eye disease I got when I first came here with no coverage : $150 for the doctor and $80 for the medicine ! I paid because I had to heal myself but that day I was furious.

I’m a French citizen and as a French I know very well how the French system works and what are the pros and cons of it. After living close to 2 years in USA, I can now say that the USA health care is just bad. They have no idea what means the word “prevention” because all they care is “make money”.

So 2 choices exist now for USA:

  • the next president introduce a national health care system which will provide health coverage for everyone and NO MORE STUPID DENIALS from the greedy health companies (in fact those companies should be responsible for many deaths in this country. Many CEOs should be immediately sent to jail for mass murder right now !).
  • the American take weapons and courage and start the 2nd revolution of their history (perhaps a bit naive but honestly at that point it’s perhaps the only way …)

Now, what is amazing and encouraging is the fact that this movie has created so much in so little time. People realise that they are not alone, they can fight together (like against the thieves from the RIAA but it’s another problem).

Among those movements is : Healthcare Now which promote the universal health coverage which could save “$286 billion dollars a year in total health care costs” !!

What is pathetic in USA is probably the fact that people still believe that socialism is the evil thing coming from Staline and other figures of communism. They cant see the difference between a totalitarianism and basic ideas of buffer system or common services (or public services). In the same time, the police, firemen and lots of other services follow already this pattern and it’s natural. So, why they cant apply the same pattern on health !

Now, I was thinking of an idea to contribute to the change of the health care system here in USA by creating a website to talk about the so called “health care” companies and why not attribute them good (I doubt it) or bad (yes lots of) points to them. And have at the end a hall of shame or hall of honour (if it’s possible !).

And if as a French I can also awake some guys about the system and join the fight I would be happy. Any thoughts are welcome as well ;)

And of course go see the movie (if you haven’t see it yet) and consult the last news on Michael Moore website.

Bravo Michael. Je vous tire mon chapeau !