Embryo Systems in orbit

2007 Jan 17 ( 1 minute )

Ok. I was preparing this for already a moment. And it’s finally here. I just launched the website http://embryo-systems.info as the front-end of my project EGS.

I’m working on it for a long time but I have always change my mind on details or structure or even with language to use ! This time, I have the time, the structure, the language set .. so in few words : I’m finally working on it.

Each time I’m on the train, the laptop is out and let’s code and test and so on … Curiously, you are focused in those conditions. Surrounded by people but still alone face to your code.

So, I hope to have a working engine in the next months. I’m already sure to have the first tools ready by the end of January.

Ok time to work… see you soon.

Update (2008/08/29): The project is now in a better shape and has all the needed infractructures.