News Bulk 2006-06-26

2006 Jun 26 ( 2 minutes )

Let’s start a little harvest of different news I found :

  • Stupidity : A mom sue about not protecting her kid and for a big ammount of money (it figures). MySpace is a chat system like IM. The mom sue it for not protecting her girl from the guy who sexually assault her. What the mom forget to say is her girl called the guy after the chat … she should sue the phone company as well no ?! Source: Teen, mom sue for $30 million.
  • Where is my Mom ? : It seems that the percentage of immature persons is growing and growing. Ahhh yes it seems so good to not have to be responsible to something and let others take care of you … But it has big drawbacks too. So many people get married without knowing what it means and then divorced because they feel like it. Well, are you among those immature persons ? Source: Discovery Channel :: News – Human :: Serious Study: Immaturity Levels Rising.
  • Are we there yet ? : Well, String theory exists now for 30 years, and it’s true that no experience has been built to verify it. So, of course, skepticals are moving and screaming that we are losing our time in this “stupid way” or “wasting way” … Well, curiously, I read in the last book of Leonard Susskind (the father of String Theory) that new experiments are on the way to verify it ! So, are we really wasting our time in 11 dimensions ? Source: Northwest Florida Daily News: Has string theory tied up better ideas in physics?.

That’s all folks !