The Right to Pay, not to Listen

2005 Jul 21 ( 2 minutes )

We were talking with my girlfriend about to see a movie tonight and we didn’t go. Pretty boring you would say, but the reason is interesting : the price of a single ticket : almost $10 !

Why we have to pay so much money to see a movie during 1 to 2 hours ? Years ago, I was able to see almost a movie per week even with my tiny pocket money (it was 35 francs ~ 5 € or $6). Do we need much more money to make a movie ? Is it the cost of the life growing everytime ? Or simple and pure greed ?!

The result is less people is going to movie theater. And the stupid majors (like the RIAA) are screaming that their incomes are decreasing because of the piracy of certain internet guys. They should think a bit more and focus and that simple parameter : the ticket price.

Besides, in France, there are several festivals during 3 to 4 days where the price is only 2-3 € and guess what ? Tons of people are in movie theaters to see as much as possible in one day. And I don’t talk about the price of CD … which is pure greed ! How much of the price is really going to the author ? 5-10% only !

And how many time you have bought a CD album with 10-20 songs and thought that in fact only 2 are good and the other can be put in the trash ?

Basicely you pay to have the right to listen, and I think it should the reverse : you listen and then you can pay, or you should even pay what do you want ! Oh this album is average lets give $5. Oh this album rocks, let’s give $15 !

It’s perhaps a bit utopic but it should be like that. Do you have to pay to see painting in a museum ? (in fact yes, but it’s for the maintenance work).

So, don’t go to the movie theater and pay high price, wait for the tv version or the DVD and perhaps the RIAA will understand where are their interests !